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“Charrette Week is beyond my imagination.” I said to a partner in my charrette group at the exhibition party. It’s a pity that only when it was going to be ending was I really involved in the atmosphere. As far as i’m concerned, charrette is more than design.

You learn to know the material more than to choose texture pictures. In the beginning, every group chose one material and then made a ‘identity card’ for each material, because we would reuse wastes from Claremont Tower.

You learn to DIY by hands more than to draw on papers. We tried to work out the joint structure for different materials without screws. So we do lots of handcraft work.

You learn to act for your work more than to photograph. Although it was a bit embarrassed, it did make our work memorable.

You learn to work as a team more than to work hard individually. Everyone in the school was engaged in the charrette no matter which stage you were at. Different backgrounds, different subjects of your group members made team work more challenging and meaningful.

All in all, what you learned in the charrette or will learn this year is really more than design.



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