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Through taking part in the blog during semester 1, I believe that it was a good practice to get all the students from MA Urban Design to get to know each other better, as well as giving us more independence and management skills to organise this blog. I have also learnt that blogging was a great platform to share what students on the MA Urban Design course have been up to, to the wider public. It is intriguing to know who has read your blog posts.

During this period, I got the opportunity to take part as a communication facilitator between Simon Honeywood and the students on this course, to organise what the blog needed. This included layout of the blog and technical issues that arose from the blog. I also got the opportunity to design the blog banner with Richard Gilliatt, who is also a student from MA Urban Design; a good collaborative opportunity.

Banner that we designed for the blog.

Furthermore, I was able to Chair one of the meetings for our blog during 12/12/2018. I was able to learn how to create agendas and preparations for the meeting, especially learning from the previous Chair Richard Dunn.

Blog agenda that I created for the meeting on 12/12/2018

Unfortunately, the turnout of the meeting was not great. The reason could be that it was the last week of term and students had ran out of fuel. Yet, it was a good learning progress to understand how we can make these meeting more interesting for example; students may find that it is just a procedure for taking part of the blog. The ways that we can make the blog more enjoyable was to perhaps to create incentives that helps supports their studies, for those who have put in the most effort in going to these meetings. It could be as simple as £10 Amazon voucher, printing vouchers, or even stationary supplies.

Additionally, what I really enjoyed about the taking part of this blog was the extent of teaching on how to run a blog, for instance inviting Susie Woods to explain factors that we should be aware of when writing up a blog like, content, formatting and structure. The elements that I found challenging was trying to keep up with writing the blog posts but at the same time forgetting to post on Instagram and Pinterest. The reason being is you forget that the other social media accounts link to the blog and these elements are what helps form a blog post.

Overall, I have learnt that it takes many management skills to run a blog from designing and considering what attracts traffic to the site and at the same time I think it was a great addition to gain extra skills because it may allow students to set up an online portfolio in the future to display work. I hope in semester 2 I can be further involved with the blog but also encouraging students to do so too.


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