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Maybe one of the reasons

to choose Architecture as a profession was a fact that for me it is easier to express myself or to describe something through drawing, sketching and 3D-modeling.
To be honest, I have never had this type of experience such as blogging before. But it is a very important and useful part of our study program – to be able to explain your ideas  by using words in order to make it easier to understand what you do mean through the technical drawings for those who are not connected to our professional field and for those who don’t understand what you mean. Moreover, we remind ourselves what we have already done and sometimes even some new ideas are coming by making Blog posts, while trying to describe my projects and to explain the aims I wanted to achieve during that work.

At first time

it was a very challenging to force myself to post something at all, as everything I have tried to text seemed to be just a formality and sometimes even boring for myself, and due to that, I didn’t wanted to post it. But then I have realised, that through the Blog we can share our ideas, thoughts with our groupmates (colleagues) and that we can comment each other’s work and give a feedback. That fact made me to become more inspirational and I have felt a strong desire to show the part of my work, to show my new friends what is my way of thinking and seeing things. I found that running a Blog post is a great opportunity to get the feedback from people from all over the world with similar educational background. Blog gives a chance to have a deeper understanding of how people do see things.

Experience of making Blog posts

helped me to improve my English skills too, as we practice a lot when trying to express ourselves. Moreover, it is important to mention the fact that it was a very challenging Semester because it included running the Blog, something I have never done before.

I hope, that

this experience and knowledge that we have gained will make a positive impact for each of us in the future, both academia and careers as Urban Designers. Blogging is an up-to-date kind of activity. In addition, I have an idea to do something when I will return to Russia, it makes me feel very excited. I find that it will be very appropriate to offer the Kazan State University to work on the idea of creating similar module as it turned out to be so useful and exciting.

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