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In this blog I will be taking about the Sustainable Transport which has been a major issue since a long time. There is always a negligence of sustainability in transport sector and very few measures are taken to solve this issue. Sustainability not only means to have eco-friendly cars or build a green infrastructure. Although use of sustainable cars like electric cars reduces the level of pollution and emission of harmful gases but sustainability also depends upon affordability, better quality infrastructure, flexible transport system, well planned routes and time management in travelling from one place to another.

This image shows the hierarchy of transport modes from scale of sustainability to least sustainable transport mode. From the image it is very clear that walking and cycling are most sustainable means of transport followed by public transport. Use of private car is considered to be least sustainable transport mode as it creates more pollution and a lot of traffic congestion. Many people choose this means of transport which results in polluted air and waste of time and resources. Nowadays cities are being designed and planned focusing on vehicular movement. Some of the solution to these issues are mentioned below which can help in improving the sustainability of transport system.

Pedestrian Friendly Environment

Streets should be designed which can help people to get engage with some or the other activity creating a pleasant environment. Some cities have best pedestrian paths because of their better street pattern and active street frontages. Designing streets with elements like trees and soft landscaping make them pleasant for walking. Also the routes to public transport systems should be easily accessible for pedestrians.

Bicycle Transport System

Bicycle is considered to be best transportation mode as it uses less energy than walking and cover more distance in the same amount of time. Some cities in Europe are designing streets in such a way that it make more safe for cyclist to be on streets. Different lanes should be constructed for cyclist on the streets. Government should promote use of cycle by proving cycles at very low rent to roam around the city.

Public Transport

Public transport system is very important for sustainability in transportation. People should have a easy access to public transport stations and these should be well connected to important buildings and places. Some cities have started using Trams, Metro, Subway, BRTS systems to promote public transport. Also different places have introduced use of odd and even number cars on alternated days which helps in reducing private vehicles and promote public transportation.

In conclusion, these systems helps in creating a sustainable transport system but one thing that should be kept in mind is the affordability. These public transport system should be affordable to everyone and these can only be achieved if the government provides proper funding for these systems.


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