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Hi Winnie, thanks for the interesting read and an insight into a part of the North East I am yet to visit properly. I liked how a planned visit to the Boho Zone developments then led to you further discovering Community In A Cube (CIAC).

So lets start with the Boho Zone, very interesting and fitting to the area. As you explained the Boho buildings are located within an industrial estate, which of course has its pros and cons. The pollution such as the smell that you picked up on is of course a negative factor to this, however as this area of Middlesborough grows as expected and becomes the digital commercial quarter, there is hope that this will be looked into further and buffered through management processes. 

I find the aesthetics of the buildings very suitable to their location and context, acting as a modern unit with references to an industrial past. I like the simplicity of labelling each building numerically and as your image of ‘Boho One’ shows, this simplification is continued on the internal of the building clearly dividing and labelling each tower by colour of the external cladding. This provides new users to the sites and buildings clarity and an ease of understanding. 

I find that the number of Boho buildings and the variety in such show its success. I especially like how Boho 4 illustrates the adaptability of the zones vision to the context of Middlesborough. As you summarised your visit you stated that you felt the scheme and vision had been successful, the Teeside live back in 2013 wrote an article in which it states that “An entrepreneur says his IT company has blossomed thanks to a facility” this was Boho.

Lastly, your later visit to CIAM I found very captivating and distinct. The structure combines various building types together in a unique fashion and this maybe expresses the focus on community cohesion. The variety of materials in the build as you highlight in some of your images seem to be elements which are picked from numerous inspirations one being the brick exterior relating to the industrial area. 

Thanks for a good read with further links to allow for more research.



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