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Thank you Ainaz for your post on HPP-2, This project is another good example of post-industrial reuse of industrial skeletons that returned and highlighted the historic and cultural importance of the building in a re-adaption of the buildings use as tool for conservation and education.

I am particularly interested by the new designs choices of destroying newer extensions to the building, as it could be argued that was in fact the destruction of parts of the buildings heritage and produces an interesting discussion on whom decides which aspects of a buildings history is important in its memory.

Although the project has demonstrated its importance of heritage and made use maintaining some equipment which acts as a cultural landmark. The choices made in regard to updating the building responds well into opening up the building to create a continuation from the new square into the building creating a public space, feeding well into the V-A-C cultural program “Expansion of Space. From the Center” as a space for community engagement. The adoption and adaption of buildings is an essential factor in maintaining an areas heritage and culture and its impacts on creating a sense of authenticity to a development.


V-A-C. 2019. EXPANDING SPACE: OUT OF THE CENTRE. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 19 May 2019].


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