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Hi Sophie, really like the scope of your research as I find a lot of our work when it comes to designing for the future, needs this standpoint to learn from the past. I totally agree with your points made and it was a shame that such a promising concept and programme was somewhat ill-fated. What I admire about this movement is the governments and the communities aspiration for change. There is a great article written by The Economist named ‘Paradise Lost – Britains new towns illustrate the value of cheap land and good infrastructure’. That goes on to explain how although these new towns may not look or seem appealing they are in fact successful places to this day, though I agree with all the lessons you have drawn from these areas. The blog and the article highlight the fact that with the acceptance of change when designing and building new areas, it can transpire and equate in success it is just the shift in thought needed, in comparison to the profit orientated design that is becoming all to popular. I find it an interesting thought of if we could draw from the flaws of the New Towns Act and combine this with what we now know to make a place, how this would play out for us, the residents and the place? 


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Stevenage New Town: ‘Building for the new way of life’



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