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Thank you, Ainaz, for analysing the potentials of abandoned industrial areas from various aspects. I am also very interested in the regeneration of post-industrial sites, and I do agree that due to their cultural and historic value, the abandoned industrial legacies have the potential to be transformed to positively influence regional image and local community spirit.

One of the main difficulties of the re-use post-industrial area is the contaminated land due to industrial hazardous waste. It is important to remediate the land before turning it into other use. Therefore, many post-industrial sites were transformed into multifunctional landscape since plants can assist with the remediation process.

Nature Park Schöneberger Südgelände in Berlin is one of my favourite regeneration projects. The former Tempelhof railway yard is successfully transformed into a public park that combines art, nature and historic technology. Industrial relics such as a 50-metre-high steel water tower has been kept and become a park landmark. The park not only preserved industrial heritage, but also become an oasis with a wide range of rare and endangered animals and plants, which makes it a successful example of the regeneration of abandoned industrial site.


Natur-Park Südgelände, available at: [Accessed: May 2019]

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