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Thanks Sutong for the insight into the way in which public housing is handled in Singapore, the sheer amount of the population living in these HBD flats gives a clear idea of the rapid pace at which Singapore has expanded.

I am impressed by the policy set in motion to limit segregation as this outright kind of action is the kind of policy which doesn’t tend to happen in the UK. It seems based on your perception of these flats that this was a success at creating mixed communities. The ideas of providing more than minimal design within public housing is also a foreign concept to the UK market, but clearly the small amount of extra investment pays off greatly for those living in these units.

Ground floor communal space in some ways reminds me of the modern purpose-built student accommodation which provides shared spaces at entrance level. As I never stayed in one of these PBSA blocks I have often questioned the worth of these spaces when people could meet at a public space, however your post made it clear these spaces are not only places to gather but places to meet, and when it comes to building community, having somewhere that people can first meet is imperative.

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