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Thanks Harley for sharing such a great experience of The Late Show where different artist and designers get an opportunity to showcase their work. I also visited the same event on 17th may 2019 with Harley and I felt so lucky that being in Newcastle I got this opportunity to experience such thing that I never did before.

I personally liked the concept of The Late Show as way of bringing people together by the means of art and do something cultural for the night. Different museums, galleries, studios and landmark historic building come together to offer visitors different event such as hands on workshops, behind the scene tours, performances and parties. There was free hop on, hop off bus service available that takes you to different venues to make the most out of the night. There were different events on every 15-20 minutes’ walk which we were able to see through event program list available on their site. Although it was impossible to cover all the events in one go but still the event was quite memorable for me.

The Late Shows started in 2007 as one night event with 14 cultural venues that took part where they stayed open late offering different free events and attracting new, young audience. The main aim of The Late Show is to encourage people to visit cultural venue that they haven’t seen before and promote social interaction.

If I again get a chance to visit such event I would love to do so and I would also like to encourage other to be a part of this.


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