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Thanks Winnie, I share your sentiments with regards to the appropriation of greenfield land for housing development. While I understand its apparent necessity, it seems wrong to not first consider alternative approaches to meet housing demand. I would remark however that given the continuation of this trend it seems clear that the National Planning Policy Framework fails to go far enough to limit this development, and that without clearer deterrent the majority of UK house builders, focused solely on maximising profit, will continue to eat into the natural landscape before they take the risks associated with trying something new.

On the topic of risk, I think that your advocacy for competitions does well to address this. The open nature allows for less established firms with less at stake to be involved, who will by the nature of competition exceed the minimum requirements so often seen in modern design. The question here however is how can competitions be promoted in a way that will encourage greater uptake, would standardisation of competition format help? Or would it work to take away some of the creative freedoms which are so sorely needed from competitions?

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