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All thanks to Danilo for raising an important current topic about the historical building and the importance of conserving these buildings. I was shocked when I heard the news about the Notre Dame in Paris buried in the ashes. As I belong from India, which has a rich history and various heritage buildings that spreads along the length and breadth of the nation, there is no doubt that preservation, restoration, and conservation of these building is the most important thing for the country. But the question is how and why!

There are different reasons for why we should preserve these buildings and one of the main reasons for it is that they are directly linked to the past. It’s not just preserving the brick or other material but in fact, it is preserving the layers of information about us and our ancestors. Secondly, these buildings historically contribute to our city’s culture socially as well as economically.

In the last few years, one of the elegant mansion Bikaner House in Delhi, India was restored to its glory and created an example of what should be done throughout the country. Bikaner house, earlier used as a bus stop for people traveling to Rajasthan, was renovated and opened for public as a social and cultural center. In India, there are various historic buildings used as government offices that can be treated as a heritage property or a place which can be enjoyed by the public.

Figure 1- A view of Bikaner House at India Gate in 1930s before its restoration

Figure 2- An inside view of Bikaner House hall at India Gate after its restoration

Concluding to this, it is true that every historical building cannot be preserved but at the same time it is important to identify some building that are worth preserving for the country. Also it is important to preserve the building in such a way that we can start using them in future.


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