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Thank you Sophie for sharing the merits and importance of cohousing. I am also quite influenced by the concept that cohousing scheme follow about sharing the facilities for having a sustainable development.

There have been some drawbacks of cohousing such as property cost which may be higher as compared to other housing projects making it unaffordable housing. Owners might not have complete control over the property. Some people might also feel about paying extra cost for facilities that they might not even use and yet they need to pay as part of ownership dues. Also cohousing schemes take more time and money for completion of project that it was expected before.

Figure – Master Plan of Lancaster cohousing

Despite these drawbacks, I personally consider that cohousing should go mainstream in UK as there are various other benefits that overpower the drawbacks. Consider an example of Lancaster Cohousing which has 41 dwelling units out of which 35 dwellings are part of cohousing and 6 of them took the eco home giving them the opportunity to not be a part of cohousing. Moreover cohousing provided greater sense of community where every member can have sense of security and privacy. One of the main benefits of cohousing is economical advantage of sharing resources with the community. Lastly, but most importantly some of the units of cohousing may be over priced but other may have an option of reducing the cost of housing depending upon the level of customization as per their need.


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