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Thanks to Laura for raising such an interesting topic about designing the cities with the help of kids. As we say that our design should be universally accepted, therefore I think that designing the city should be done keeping in mind the needs of a child.

According to Mara Mintzer, director of Growing up Boulder, kids do not have a money mind so they always request for space that has more natural beauty, more animals, more plants and more colour. Also including their opinion for design development, make them realize that they are part of community and help them to engage more properly.

Also kids need space where they can walk without depending upon the adults, this results in development of separated bike paths and walking paths that every design requires. According to Jane Jacobs, if we design according to “Eyes on the street” then most of the buildings with be oriented towards the street making it a comfortable place for kids or others to walk by.

A design should always have a child friendly approach as it helps to create a healthier environment. Less pollution, more green space and freedom to move easily and safely are the basic principles of child friendly design. A design should be developed with early engagement of child and other community members as it will help to create a more universal design for the end users.


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