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Thank you, Laura, for your bright and interesting topic! As it was mentioned in your post, there are lots of different ways to increase the attractiveness of the urban environment and to improve the visual quality of places for human interaction. Creating infrastructure elements and objects is also effective for improvement of abandoned industrial zones of cities. I would like to add more about how they can help to mark them in space.

Marking a project in the mental space

Marking a project in the mental space is the first step in its implementation, regardless of the area and functional content of the object. This type of labeling mainly includes the activation of the history of an industrial facility, in connection with the history of a city as a whole and the local identity of residents. Development of the legend takes place on this basis.

The legend has to reflect not only the history of the place and the cultural codes associated with that. Moreover, it has to reflect the future functions of the object and the prospects for its long-term development. Legend is the heart of branding development. High-quality branding is necessary to ensure high visibility of the object and to unite all interested parties around an equally clear image. Also to create the basis for the design of the territory, its advertising and promotion using a memorable name, a bright logo and corporate attributes.

Marking a project in the physical space

It is better to begin both physical development of the revitalised object and the development of its legend and branding at the same time. One of the ways of physical development is adding works of graffiti artists, objects of public art and bright banners. They look favorably against the background of monumental industrial spaces. Furthermore, they could be realized in a very short time and at relatively low costs. This way of marking industrial zones not only attracts attention to them. It also helps everyone to understand that a completely new, unusual, dynamic and intriguing public space will appear soon.


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