Laura Oviedo Matos

My name is Laura Oviedo. I am from the Dominican Republic, a small, beautiful island in the Caribbean. I’ve graduated from Architecture School on September 2015 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am passionate about Urban Design, specifically community involved design of public spaces. I define myself as a creative, adaptable, self-motivated and down to earth individual, driven by a humanist sparkle.

What I want to achieve through this Master is to stamp in each urban design project the identity of the community that inhabits, builds and transforms it. To turn the places between buildings into vivid places that attract people because they combine a series of conditions that make them memorable and invite you to experience them. To motivate other Architects to modify that old-fashioned way of designing, enclosed in a workshop, arbitrarily proposing what a community needs or not, for one in which we directly engage with the experts, the people.

Let’s build an Age-Friendly City!

This second semester of this Urban Design Master’s we have been working with different alternative housing methods, specifically: self-build/custom-build, live-work, cohousing, modern methods of construction, new models of care in community and Future Homes. On semester one, my group and I identified an opportunity on the growing ageing population. For this reason, I decided to…
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Harley, thank you for the fascinating Milanese case study you shared with us! It has always amazed me the ability designers have to combine known elements in order to give a new solution to a specific issue. Bosco Verticale is definitely one of these fascinating ways designers have proven that you “don’t have to invent…
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What if kids were the designers of our cities?

It has been historically registered places been designed and built without considering their end-users. And when it comes to kids, it becomes easier to ignore this group and not include them in the design process. But what happens when we give children the opportunity to design our city? Mara Mintzer co-founded and currently is the…
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Reply to “Comment on: Universal Design in Urban Public Spaces: “Tenji Blocks”.

Thanks, Winnie, for raising some interesting points to reflect on shared spaces. I agree with you on that shared spaces don’t have the usual elements people expect to see to help them orientate and navigate through public spaces. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that these “shared spaces are bad for visually impaired people (VIPs)”. One of…
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COMMENT TO: “Inspiration from the renovation of the New York High Line”

Thank you for your interesting post about the High Line history Xinmin! I have always admired the eye New Yorkers have to identify which spaces are not working, and how they can transform them into public spaces that benefit their city. In fact, this city has several similar cases. I mentioned one example of this…
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Universal Design in Urban Public Spaces: “Tenji Blocks”

A couple of days ago, on March 18 Google Doodle celebrated the first introduction of the tactile paving tile or “Tenji Block” (as it is known in Japan), invented by Seiichi Miyake more than 5 decades ago, in 1965. This tile gives independence to visually impaired people to go around their cities in a safer…
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Derwenthorpe Development: Built for Life

Derwenthorpe is a housing scheme developed by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, a social landlord, in partnership with Barratt Developments, a private developer and UK’s largest housebuilder. This development is one of the first large scale low-carbon communities in Northern England, which offers “attractive, affordable, eco-friendly homes in a digitally inclusive, mixed tenure community” (JRHT,…
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I want to share with all of you the link to a documentary about Bogotá city, in Colombia, called: “BOGOTA CHANGE” by the Danish film director Andreas Mol Dalsgaard, where he shows some big changes this Latin American city went through in order to show its citizens how to build the Bogotá they all wanted,…
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My experience participating in the Blog 2018-2019 (Semester 1)

Let’s start by saying that doing this blog was not the typical assessment for any class. I have never had submissions like these ones before, which made the process a lot more interesting. It was a relaxed-pace module, but at the same time so enriching and demanding. Having to exposure your writing style, the themes…
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